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  1. Quietly we wait for you in our simple procession
      children and adults are given our special tasks,
  2. slowly we walk in line through an aisle of people
      with care we approach your altar, for you are among us.
  3. The bread we offer to you is a symbol of work
      the labour of kneading our lives and those of others;
  4. even if it's hard to be clear in seeing the meaning
      a silver ciborium conceals it and the toil is hidden.
  5. Wine represents the suffering we know every day
      blood that flows from our wounds and the bruises of living;
  6. you accept our daily sacrifices in your great love
      you help us carry our cross, for you know our dying.
  7. This water points to your Spirit among us in power
      so vital to life in us all, yet not special to look at.
  8. The cruets of water and wine are symbols of worship
      the wine of your presence in eucharist and the water of baptism.
  9. But most obvious of all that we carry is the money we bring
      the gifts collected from everyone stand for our lives;
  10. for you, our God, have given us what we have and are
      we offer to you ourselves to use as you will.


See psalms on the liturgy of the Temple, like Psalms 66 and 99