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For many people, the experience of breakdown or ill health shows us that other people do not seem to care. Although it's good to get back to work, our colleagues do not always know how to help. Yet they are often the very people who can help, if we allow them!


  1. My world's turned upside down and I'm in a muddle:
      I'm afraid to do anything, terrified of people!
  2. It's a comfort to get back to the office:
      but my work is suffering, I can't do what I want.
  3. Where am I going to go:
      where shall I find the vision I need?
  4. I need to find myself again:
      the real me, the person inside me, the one I've forgotten.
  5. The mystery behind the eyes of the other person:
      it's the same wonder as the mystery of God.
  6. Then maybe other people can help me be me:
      your presence enable me see value in myself?
  7. You have said that I needn't be afraid:
      I trust in you to help, remove my terror -
  8. you are my true salvation, my lasting joy:
      I trust you to remove my fear and be my strength.