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Celtic prayers (shockingly to some!) took seriously the ordinary things of daily life and work. One prayer starts, "Bless for me my little cow" for on the cow depended the person's livelihood. Why do we not pray about our own work and what we depend on to get it done, like our computer? For Jesus was a carpenter and needed his tools, too.


  1. God bless for me my car:
      watch over my tool box today at my various jobs.
  2. Bless for me my pen:
      keep in your sight the computer on which I rely.
  3. Come, Mary, and bless my hands:
      so whatever I touch may have blessing, the best I can do.
  4. God of life and power, be with me this day:
      let me speak and think and work for you and your kingdom.
  5. Jesus the carpenter, sharpen my skills:
      you purchased our healing on your cross with wood and nails.
  6. Spirit, clarify our thoughts:
      you know how to share in the joy of creating -
  7. for in all our making, you are working in us:
      you inspire our labour and our recreation,
  8. so bless for me my mind:
      as I plan what to do next, be close beside me.
  9. Christ, bless in me my mouth:
      whatever I say today can give glory to you.
  10. God bless me and my companions:
      we shall work your will together with purpose and cheerfulness.


v.5 - Taken from a prayer for the Iona Community.