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One of the most obvious things about the world of work is our desire to do better than we are at present. Perhaps that is where work and religion are closest, in spite of the assumption that God has little to do with our working lives. Expressions of our regular frustrations are often in language of the countryside, but our commitment to carry on trying is also a religious quest.


  1. We don't know where we're going, what is the way:
      most people need some guidance - couldn't life be better?
  2. I want to continue my journey:
      another place might be bliss, another lane easier.
  3. The sun could be on my back along the route:
      there's the open hills and the moor,
  4. but where shall I find the direction I need:
      the path I'm treading now isn't quite so simple!
  5. City streets are paved with frustrations:
      my footsteps drag on failures,
  6. there must be a greener way or a faster road:
      if only it were tomorrow, a better day.
  7. For the world is so big and I'm so small:
      as the sea is so wide and my boat is so narrow.
  8. No-one's entirely satisfied with their place in life:
      it isn't just me that hates Monday mornings,
  9. but you compel me, I can do no other:
      you are beside me, no need to complain;
  10. you call me and you stand beside me:
      if this is where you want me, I'll do my best endeavour.


v. 3 - a traditional Irish prayer for success.
v. 7 - a Celtic prayer for a good voyage.