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The body of Christ is what Christians receive at the eucharist. It is what they are. In the presence of such mysteries, we can only be silent.


  1. The Lord is here - let all mortal flesh keep silence:
     humanity must be humble in the presence of God.
  2. For Christ is risen and now is with us always:
     his real presence is assured because of Easter.
  3. Lord, your sacrament is wonderful beyond our understanding:
     you make yourself known to us in the breaking of bread.
  4. Yet you appear so often in ordinary people and places:
     even disciples don't always recognise you.
  5. This bread is a sign of our daily work:
     the toil of a breadwinner who provides for the family;
  6. our food must needs be broken before we can digest it:
     you're daily broken in us so you can be with us.
  7. This wine is a sign of suffering:
     the shedding of blood for the sake of others;
  8. all our lesser sacrifices are gathered up in your Cross:
     as willingly we accept this cup of your promise.
  9. You come close to us in full communion:
     just as once you came in flesh and will come in your Kingdom.
  10. As I can see you in this sacrament:
     so I know you are with me always from day to day.
  11. You have given your body and blood for me:
     now you are within me and part of me forever.
  12. As we eat at the table you are here:
     when we are together in your name there are you among us.