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Who can describe God? At least we have to include female as well as male, and a power as well as a person, donít we?


  1. You are God and I trust in you:
     for you are my friend and I meet you in other people.
  2. You are worth all that I can give
     you give worth to everything that exists;
  3. though everything needs to be changed and redeemed:
     you will challenge and re-create all we do and are.
  4. You are my master and my creator:
     you are my loving father and my strong protector.
  5. You are my mother and my supporter:
     my caring sister and my close companion.
  6. You are my power and my comfort:
     my heartbeat and my continuing sustenance.
  7. Stay beside me whatever may happen:
     my maker, my shaker, and my renewer,
  8. be at my side in times of anguish:
     as power, possibility and presence,
  9. remain in me through all the good that comes:
     with your life and hope and glory.