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It is the first psalm I ever wrote, being struck by the attitude of prayer by turning east, and thinking first of the natural world and its wonders - the earth in all its beauty. But there is as much to wonder at in the world of human creation, and the various jobs that people do, for creativity is also seen in the way we live our lives.


  1. As I look to the east I praise you, my God:
      from the rising of the sun you uphold my life;
  2. when the sun goes down again I give you thanks:
      you are my strength from beginning to end.
  3. The whole created universe shares in our praise and gratitude:
      for you have made all that is, whether seen or unseen -
  4. hill and valley, tree and flower:
      the earth in all its beauty is yours;
  5. earthquake and storm, wind and flood, keep us in awe of you:
      the power of the lightning is also your creation.
  6. The workman labours with the sweat of his brow:
      he shares in your redemptive work;
  7. the secretary and teacher work for you:
      those who use their mind and imagination -
  8. the executive making important decisions:
      those who care for others and serve our needs.
  9. All whose work is hard, toil with your blessing:
      those who find fulfilment in work
      can see it as part of your purpose.
  10. So can we all in more humble activities:
      as cleaner, sweeper, gardener or child.
  11. Those whom society rejects are in your special care:
      and those who have no place in a world of work;
  12. without them your creation would be incomplete:
      your plan includes our work and our unemployment.
  13. Jesus was friend of the poor and outcast:
      he was also a carpenter working for his living.
  14. We thank you, Holy Spirit, for your gift of enterprise:
      the spark of your creative power.
  15. For your love builds us all together:
      and shows us how to make one another great.