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Psalms of Feelings

Psalm of Faith
Meditation on time, and on God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

Psalm of the Hospice
An attempt to summarise the meaning of the "hospice movement."

Psalm of Experience
How do we see God at work in our daily lives?

Psalm of Despair
The experience of depression

Psalm of Disaster
Odd how so many disasters seem to happen at Christmas!

Psalm of Providence
How do we know how God works in our lives?

Funeral Psalm
Reflection on bereavement.

Psalm of Hope
Reflection on how to be more hopeful.

Psalm of Courage
In the face of troubles, it is courage we need and the assurance of Godís presence.

Psalm of Belief
What does it mean to believe in God?

Psalm of Praying
Trying to pray isnít always easy!