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Psalms of Celebration

An Inter-Faith Psalm
Major world faiths have their own context for practice and belief.

Psalm of Simple Belief
An attempt to put difficult ideas into simple words!

Epiphany Psalm
An Epiphany psalm.

Blessed Virgin Mary
A psalm about Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Psalm of the Crucifix
A devotional psalm for Good Friday.

Psalm of Eucharist
The Thursday after Trinity Sunday is the festival of Corpus Christi, the body of Christ.

Wedding Psalm
Using traditional words of the marriage service.

Psalm of Stewardship
Based on the phrase of King Solomon, "all things come from you, and of your own do we give you."

Psalm of the Mystery Play
The Christian story as seen in a Mystery Play.

A Trinity Psalm
It seems as if everything comes in threes!

Psalm of My Life
To celebrate your own life, beginning to end.