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Psalms of Life Books

Many of these psalms are available in the following collections, published by Parish & People.

Psalms of Creation

Creation Psalms (2010)
Original text by John Hammersley in the style of Biblical Psalms, edited for liturgical use.
ISBN: 978 1 873529 19 5

Available from: Parish & People

Psalms for Synod

Psalms for the Synod (2004)
Another nineteen Modern Psalms
ISBN: 1 873529 07 4

Available from:

Every Step of the Way

Every Step of the Way (2003)
Modern psalms for the Christian Year with new light on familiar themes.
ISBN: 8733529 72 4

Available from:   Parish & People

Psalms of Life

Psalms of Life (1994)
Twenty modern psalms for devotional and congregational use.
ISBN: 1 873529 85 6

Available from:   Parish & People

Parish & People is a publishing group working within (mainly) the Church of England. It was particularly engaged in liturgical reform in 1947, and joined with the "Keble Conference Group" in 1960 under the direction of Canon Eric James to engage in wider questions of change and renewing of the churches. More recently, it has been publishing material for use in Church of England deaneries, and some of these "psalms" have been written for that, but these psalms contain material which is not specifically related to use in church.