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Welcome to this collection of modern "psalms." They are prayers, as well as poems. A resource for Christian worship, or private devotion and inspiration. It's not a translation of existing psalms, but new poetry in a special idiom.


  1. You are my strength and my song, my God
    I trust in you and I shall not fear.

  2. My heart is dancing, if not my feet
    before I even think of you, you are my creator;

  3. it's you who sustain me on my journey
    wherever I go, you are there before me -

  4. you are my strength and my song
    I trust in you and I shall not fear.

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  1. Do not be frightened or worried:
    for I am your God and I'm always beside you

  2. Be determined and confident:
    since you are mine I will always support you.

  3. I am the God of love who moves on gently:
    leading you, drawing you into all that is new and lovely.

  4. All you need is available now:
    let me carry you and bear you along in safety.

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  1. You, my God, are my single parent
    you look after me and care for me always;

  2. you are a mother to hug me when I am hurt
    a father to admonish me gently in my waywardness.

  3. Good parents don't always do what their children require
    we need discipline to learn we don't get everything we ask for;

  4. and you don't grant me all I pray for
    your answer to prayer may be 'wait' or simply 'no'!

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  1. Holy, holy, holy, God of power and might:
    who was, who is, and who is to come.

  2. You're worthy of glory, the universe is yours:
    God, you accept our worship, for by you all things exist.

  3. The Lamb, who was killed, is worthy of worship:
    wisdom is his, and strength, and glory and praise.

  4. To One who sits in power and also to the Lamb:
    be praise and honour and glory for ever and ever.

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Inspirational Christian poetry written in the style of modern psalms. These spiritual poems are free for use by individuals, churches and groups for worship, daily devotions, prayer and meditation.